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Norton antivirus may block specific documents when it finds malicious code in their own arrangement. In infrequent instances, the antivirus can obstruct valid files.

That can be called being a false positive. You may teach the apps to dismiss certain folders or files throughout scans in order to prevent false positives.

White Listing Data Files to Get Norton Antivirus.

Like many good antivirus plans, the Norton AV program permits you to white list, or excludes files and folders out of being flashed.

You may let the applications to discount a folder or file, which automatically blocks it out of this app’s look at. So, Norton wont inform you if there exists an virus or never.

  • When Norton finds certainly one your painful and sensitive small business records as a virus and also tries to re or disable it, then you ought to simply take actions instantly.
  • Just click on the “Preferences” join at the Norton Antivirus window navigate into Configurations. The Display tab has been default option.
  • Just click on the “Antivirus and then SONAR Exclusions” connection then click on the “Configure” link next to “Things to indent from afar”  Just click on the “Insert” button then your “search” button.
  • Choose the document that you wish to exclude out of scans and then simply click “OK” two to bring the document into your Exclusions checklist.
  • You may choose a whole folder, and its sub folders, even in the event that you would like to exclude a set of data files.
  • Click on “Apply” then” okay” to employ and help save new settings. Simply click the “Configure” link next to “Things to indent from Auto-Protect, SONAR and down Load Intelligence Detection.”
  • Utilize exactly the Exact Same System to bring the folder or file into your Auto-Protect, SONAR and down Load Intelligence Detection Exclusions listing.
  • Just click “Okay” to Come Back to the primary Norton Antivirus window.

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