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Norton Setup | Download | Install

  1. Visit Official Norton website or
  2. Log in to your Norton account with credentials .
  3. In the Get Started page, Enter the 25-character Norton Product key.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Agree.
  5. Select download Norton and Choose your Device.
  6. Run or Save the Downloader file, Your product install and activated automatically.

Download And Install Norton Setup on PC via

  1. Visit and sign in there.
  2. If it asked for your Norton details, fill it.
  3. Norton Get started will appear on screen, click to Download Norton option and then go to Agree and download option.
  4. Prefer windows downloads folder to download the set-up file and then locate the file and open it to Install.
  5. My Norton Downloader application will appear once the necessary files are downloaded, a Windows User Account Control warning will be displayed, asking to allow the Norton 360 Security app to make changes to your device. Click Yes to continue.
  6. My Norton Installer interface will open, click to Install.
  7. The Gadget Security will currently be introduced. A slideshow is introduced during the establishment procedure, enumerating a portion of the perils that Norton shields you from. This procedure can take a few minutes, based upon the speed of your PC of course a couple of moments to activate it.
  8. The Norton Security application will now show some welcome features. Click Start tour or Skip to continue.
  9. Norton Security dashboard will appear, showing your protection and recent scan status on your device.
  10. Here you can change Norton’s settings, view your subscription status, start manual virus scans and other useful features.

Download And Install Norton Setup on Mac

  1. Open and sign in.
    If it asked for your Norton details, fill it.
  2. Norton Get started will appear, click to Download Norton option and then click to Agree and download option.
  3. Choose downloads folder to download the zip file then locate the file and open it to Install.
  4. Open the Install Norton 2020 Security application, found within the newly-extracted folder, by double-clicking on it.
  5. The My Norton Installer interface will appear. Click Install.
  6. The Device Security installation can currently happen, with a slideshow showed throughout the method that details a number of the risks that
  7. Norton protects you from.
    A message can currently seem to state that a helper tool is required to put in
  8. Norton. Enter your mac OS account parole within the field provided and click on Install Helper to continue.
  9. A Message: ‘Norton Security is put in on this device’ will be appear, at now you will be asked if you’d wish to install Norton on an extra device. Click to Skip.
  10. The Norton Security application will open, accommodating you and giving a voyage through its choices. Pick the starting Visit button on the off chance that you wish or tap on Skip tour to proceed.
  11. The Norton Security dashboard will be shown, showing your assurance and forward-thinking check standing. From here you’ll have the option to deal with Norton’s settings, read your membership standing, start manual infection checks and far a great deal of.

Renew Norton Setup Subscription –

  1. Start Norton. Next to Device Security If you see the My Norton window, click Open.
  2. For renewing your subscription, among the Norton product main window, click facilitate then below account information, click Enter Product Key.
  3. Enter the merchandise key or renewal code that you simply just received from the Norton 360.
  4. To find the renewal code, see notice your product key, PIN, or renewal code.If you are undecided regarding the merchandise there.
  5. Please follow the directions on I would like to transfer my Norton product on my device.If your product key does not work, see Why it is happening?If you utilize a product key, the remaining days in conjunction with your current subscription aren’t getting any to the subscription associated with the new renewal key.
  6. If you utilize a renewal code, your remaining subscription days square measure any to the new subscription quantity.
  7. Finally, Click to Next.

Features of Norton Setup 2020

  1. The only antivirus you need to overall protect your devices.
    protect your device against viruses, spyware, malware, and other online attacks.
  2. Maintains your privacy in whatever device you’re using.
  3. Give a reminder to unsafe websites and suspicious downloads.
  4. Lets you move protection from one device to a different.
  5. Lets you add additional protection as you get more devices.
  6. Easily locates lost or purloined smartphones and tablets.
  7. It gives your children the freedom to use the internet safely.
  8. Norton has built-in VPN client software for all of its Norton 360 product.
  9. Comes with a 100% refund guarantee: we are going to help keep your pc virus-free, or provide you with a refund.

Download Norton Removal Tool

  1. Open the web browser and explore to Norton site
  2. Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  3. Double-Click on icon.Click Agree.
  4. Tap Remove and Reinstall.
  5. Tap Continue or Remove.
  6. Tap Restart Now.

Why Install Norton Antivirus ?

If you are using internet or not on your device there always will be a need for strong antivirus to be installed to protect it against mischievous youths looking for a thrill or a hardened cyber-criminal wanting to take advantage of billion-dollar firms, can stop wanting to search out ways in which to commit fraud, cause widespread harm, or simply leak or use your personal data.

So what are computer virus and their types-

Computer viruses are usually malicious computer programs written to damage other people’s machines or steal information or even cash using your systems data and information. Not only this some criminal programmers have much more dangerous intentions behind it.


Types of the virus include –

Worms: These are programs that copy themselves to other computers on a network.

Trojans: Performs functions (sometimes malicious) on the computer without the knowledge of the user (Think of the horse of Troy)

Malware: it is not count as a virus. It is a software used to spy on computer user’s activities and get all their personal information. It is also known as “spyware”.


So What Does Antivirus Software Do?

Antivirus code is that the “cop” at the gate of an automatic data processing system. It safes our pc, mobiles, laptops from incoming threats and seeks out, destroys and warns about threats our system. New viruses are always ready so it’s the task of the antivirus code to stay updated with the latest threats. This is often achieved by daily updates of the antivirus into definitions, that counteract the newest threats to produce constant protection.


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How do I install Norton with a product key?

Open Norton.Using your email credentials sign-in and In case, you are new to Norton, click Create an account, and stick to the process. Now, a Get started page will come on the screen, select the Download Norton option.If you have an unregistered key to your account, click Enter a New Product Key. After typing your product key, click > Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the product. Atlast, tap on the Agree & Download.

How do I setup a Norton account?

Visit and go to Sign-In. As you are new here, click on Create An Account. Type a new and valid email address and password for your account. Remember these credentials for future log-in.Now select your Region. Go through all the privacy policies and agree to it, finally tap on Create Account.

How do I reinstall Norton Internet Security?

You have to start with downloading of Norton’s Removal & Reinstall Tool. Save this file on the desktop of your system. Now, go to the file on your desktop, double-click on Norton Removal icon to open.
Go through the instructions on the screen. Atlast, Restart the system. Once the Norton Removal Tool stops running, you can now reinstall your Norton product. Sign-in to your Norton account with registered email and under product details, download your Norton product and stick to the process till installation.

What happens when Norton expires?

When you buy any of Norton Antivirus, it comes with one year of antivirus protection. This includes virus definition or software updates along with all software functionality that come out throughout the year. Your membership installments can’t be made step by step, and you can set up programmed installments with the goal that it can renew by itself. If it is not set to renew automatically, Norton will show a 15 days warning before it expires. Till then, Norton works same as your subscription is still active. Norton will proceed with spring up alerts until the last expiry day, after that Norton will totally stop to work, however will in any case be available on your framework.

What is the cost of renewing Norton 360?

Norton 360 comes with four different memberships plan: Norton AntiVirus Basic ($49.99/year), Norton Security Standard (approx. $69.99/year), Norton Security Deluxe (approx. at $89.99/year), and lastly Norton Security Premium (around $109.99/year). The primary distinction between the plans is access to cutting edge features, for example, identity assurance, brilliant firewall, cloud storage, and others.

What is Norton com setup?

Norton installation is a course of action where would you input into the Norton set up Crucial at to trigger & set up Norton product or service. An individual can find Norton out of the store or online. Next, form the info for download, installation and put in the Norton applications on to your laptop or computer.

How do I log into my Norton Account?

• Proceed to and click on Register. • Proceed to and click on Register. • Simply click Create an Account. • Input a legitimate current email address and password to the accounts. • You have to make use of those qualifications to register into Norton later on. • Opt for the area. • Browse the online privacy and consent for this, then click Generate Account. 

Activate or renew your Norton subscription.

Legal Norton subscription helps to ensure your stability is consistently current. You have to trigger or renew the subscription until the subscription or trial period endings to keep on to make use of each one the Norton attributes and maintain your pc shielded. In case, you purcahsed the subscription from the online store, the process of activation will be done automatically. You just have to sign-up with your account while installing and downloading Norton.

Do I need Norton on my phone?

The mix of security and antivirus characteristics that Norton Mobile protection is now why it ought to be set up on Android smartphones. Normally it takes several years to reverse the injury by 1 cyber strike. Play Protect is not sufficient, and since Android’s popularity grows, more hackers will probably aim to enter to your device.